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Anybots, Barret Technology, Foster Miller, Hydroid and Ubtech are the manufacturers of the robots.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enhances the working capability of Robots. The power of robots is increased so much. One robot is now able to make another robot of same qualities that lies in itself. What we need in this era is, just program the first machine and then this machine will be able to make new machines of similar standards.

Robots are capable of doing many tasks like household and difficult tasks of industries as well. These robots are smart enough to perform all type of tasks. Therefore these robots can work in such extreme weather where human cannot.

Robots are surrounding us in all fields. These robots are providing services of all kinds to human beings. This is making our life easier then ever before.

Ubtech is manufacturing this robot, pretty good in it’s features. This is a complete security solution inside the house, office, restaurants and different places where ever it will be placed. It can walk around. Most of all it uses camera to make videos and sense differences. It can also guide us in yoga or exercises. Further more it can record security incidents with it’s camera. Robot is skillful enough to report any inappropriate placements of things during it’s patrol. It may contain some advance features as well like video calling and conferencing using its camera and touch panel. In addition to that it is also competent enough to synchronize with your calendar and email. Hence this robot will be a fascinating solution in Robot Industry.